Can you deliver?

Yes, we have regular deliveries to metropolitan Auckland and can pack you product for delivery nationwide.

Can you help me with my design?

Yes, we have a team of experienced designers and programmers who can bring your product to reality. As industry specialists we know how to design products that will not only work well but will be efficient to produce.

Can you laser etch?

Yes we can use our laser to etch patterns, logos and part numbers onto your product.

Can you supply material?

Yes, we stock xyz and can get material delivered to us direct from the supplier. You can supply your own material to us and we have handling equipment to help unload it. 
(Please note that warped sheets and dirty or rusty steel may affect the quality of cut.)

Do you have a minimum quantity

No, we do lots of one off work for a wide variety of industries.

How fast can you do my job?

We specialise in fast turnaround. If you let us know your deadline, we will do our utmost to deliver on time. We run an night shift to cope with the tight delivery times demanded by many of our customers and have a reputation for delivering what we promise. Our staff are very responsive and will do their best to fit small, urgent jobs in if they can. If we know we can’t meet your deadline, we will tell you before we start. Phone us today to find out our current lead times.

How much do you charge?

The price of laser, water-jet or plasma cutting can vary considerably depending on the material and it’s thickness. Where accuracy and quality of cut is paramount, we run our machines at a speed that will achieve this. If you are after the best price, we can run our machines faster but cut quality and accuracy will suffer. Contact us with your requirements and our experienced team will suggest the best method to give you maximum value for money.

I don’t know whether I need laser cutting, water-jet cutting, plasma cutting or a guillotine?

Each method of cutting has its benefits and drawbacks, call us with your requirements and we will be happy to recommend the right process to get you the results you want.

What drawings do you require?

We can handle anything from a sketch on the back of a cigarette packet to almost all computer drawing files. If the files are in the correct format, we will not charge any editing, machine conversion or nesting costs. Please visit our Computer Files page for specifications or ask our team.

What other work do you do besides cutting?

We have high precision press brakes to fold your product, a vibratory deburring machine to remove sharp edges and welding equipment for fabrication. We have a wide range of industry contacts and can manage your whole project from start to finish or recommend to you other businesses that can supply services to help complete your product.

Where are you?

We are at 53 Huia Road, Otahuhu, Auckland. See our Contact Us page for instructions to get here.